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The "IT" List with Trang Trinh

Introducing this week's "IT" List, a column where we ask those who know to share what's in the know. This post Watches and Wonders edition features the founder of Girl's O'Clock, Trang Trinh.

A breakdown of Trang Trinh's "IT List:

  1. The solid gold Tudor Black Bay 58

  2. The Italian nightgown shop on Grand Rue

  3. Living off of Auer's Amandes Princesses

  4. Chanel's Première Sautoir belt watch

  5. Cartier's monochrome Baignoires

  6. Actually riding the Ferris Wheel

  7. Hublot's Classic Fusion 29mm

  8. The Davidoff Brothers' boutique in Old Town

  9. Thr turquoise Piaget Sautoir necklace

  10. The candy selection at Globus


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