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The "IT" List with Mirta de Gisbert

Introducing this week's "IT" List, a column where we ask those who know to share what's in the know. This edition features gemologist and jewelry consultant, Mirta de Gisbert.

A breakdown of Mirta de Gisbert's "IT List:

  1. The "Fringe Feelings" earrings by Nikos Koulis

  2. A horseshoe ring from Marie Lichtenberg

  3. ĀZLEE's large Elfante charm

  4. Jessica McCormack's Hellow Sailor "Off the Hook" pendant

  5. The Embrace Untamed bangle by Themla West

  6. Elsa Perreti's Medium Cuff on both wrists

  7. The Audemars Piguet 50th Anniversary rose gold Bleu Nuit Nuage Royal Oak

  8. Tashka by Beatrice 'Pagemmies' silk pajamas

  9. Belperron's Double Wave Pearl Pendant earrings

  10. The High Surround malachite ring from Fernando Jorge


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