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The "IT" List with Dora Fung

Introducing this week's "IT" List, a column where we ask those who know to share what's in the know. This edition features the US edition of 10 Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Dora Fung.

A breakdown of Dora Fung's "IT List:

  1. Tiffany and Co.'s Elsa Perretti jade pendant

  2. Floral arrangements by Karen Blixen

  3. Sunsets in Kota Kinabalu - no better sunset than the sunset from home

  4. Lusting after the Cartier Baignoire

  5. Monty, my mighty beast - my baby

  6. The Eastern & Oriental Express through Southeast Asia

  7. Backgammon - always looking for someone who knows how to play

  8. PJs from Schostal in Rome - Shirley is the best

  9. A yellow Chanel flap, perfect for summer

  10. 10 Magazine USA FW 24 - in stores now!


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