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The "IT" List with Sara Beltrán

Welcome to Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column in which we ask those who know to share what's in the know. The fourth edition features the founder and designer of Dezso, Sara Beltrán.

A breakdown of Sara Beltrán's "IT List:

  1. Desert Vintage: one of my favorite stores in the world

  2. Taffin L'Orange

  3. My new tennis shark fin black enamel diamond bracelet

  4. Sandals from Canfora Amadeo

  5. The C+ Serum and The Balm from Joanna Czech

  6. Cuando Calienta El Sol by Raffaella Carra

  7. Playing tennis, wherever I travel

  8. Rouge Exotique nail enamel by Hermès

  9. My vintage Hermès suede bag

  10. Watching the sunset


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