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The "IT" List with Malaika Crawford

Introducing Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column in which we ask those who know to share what's in the know. The inaugural column kicks off with none other than Hodinkee's first ever Style Editor, Malaika Crawford.

A breakdown of Malaika Crawford's "It List":

  1. Post-run fro yo from Butterfield Market

  2. The literal body high from trying on enamel Bulgari Serpentis

  3. Women wearing AP Offshores (see Aurelia Jouhanneau)

  4. Tacky 90s erotic thrillers for the best outfit inspo, i.e. Poison Ivy

  5. Martinis with a twist & less salt...much cleaner taste

  6. Fleurs d'Oranger perfume from Serge Lutens

  7. Accepting the fact that I didn't acquire a pair of rhinestone Alaïa flats

  8. Men in Mary Janes (Wales Bonner started this well before Pharrell)

  9. Anything from Charlotte Chesnais

  10. Comprehensive by Nick Waplington


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