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The "IT" List with Will Kahn

Welcome to Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column in which we ask those who know to share what's in the know. The second edition features founder of Will's Notebook, The Vintage Notebook and Contributing Editor at Town & Country, Will Kahn.

A breakdown of Will Kahn's "IT" List:

  1. Works by Michael McGregor

  2. Non-ironic Boat and Totes...mine says WILL

  3. Les Culturistas podcast, I listen every week

  4. The Cartier Baignoire

  5. Wearing a Lacoste shirt, everyday

  6. Any restaurant with a great burger: Raoul's, J.G. Melon, or the Odeon

  7. A Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso with my initials

  8. Actually enjoying the new cast of RHONY

  9. Cecchi's, specifically the martini and french fry duo

  10. Van Cleef's new high jewelry collection: Le Grand Tour


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