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The "IT" List with David Barrett Graver

Welcome to Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column in which we ask those who know to share what's in the know. The eighth edition features Vogue and Bloomberg Contributor, as well as the former Editor in Chief of Cool Hunting, Davey Barrett Graver.

A breakdown of David Barrett Garver's "IT" List:

  1. Fabián von Hauske's pies at Jac's on Bond

  2. The 27th edition of Krug's Rosé

  3. Oliver Peoples Cary Grant Shades

  4. The gold Accutron Elvis wore

  5. Date nights in Fort Greene at Sailor's, Roman's, or Walter's

  6. My vintage lapis turtle brooch

  7. TAG Heuer's Carrera by Rowing Balzers & Bamford Watch Department

  8. Trudon's bust of Layfayette candle

  9. Taika Waititi walking in the Hermès show at The Refinery

  10. A24's membership club


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