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The "IT" List with Danielle Greenblatt

Welcome to Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column where we ask those who know to share what's in the know. The twelfth and final edition for 2023 features the President of the fine jewelry PR firm, Danielle Gadi, Danielle Greenblatt.

A breakdown of Danielle Greenblatt's "IT List:

  1. Soho before 10am

  2. Matt Greenblatt, wink wink

  3. The whitefish & baked salmon salad combo from Russ & Daughters, IYKYK

  4. Lace tights from Wardrobe NYC

  5. A 1986 Cartier Panthère - I love it with a wrist full of gold bracelets

  6. Drops of God, the best show I've watched all year

  7. BBL + Moxi Laser, nothing like a skin refresh with Dr. Tiffany Rice

  8. The Hôtel Costes signature candle, it's cliché but I love it

  9. Deborah Pagani hair pins - my go-to gift!

  10. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: forever my style icons


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