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The Top of the Line 1x03

Introducing Daily Grail’s “Top of the Line”, simply put: a weekly roundup of the week’s best Instagram posts within the watch sphere:

-Jöel Laplace uncovering all the vintage gems at Piaget

-Malaika Crawford's Swiss Smize

-Watchfalcon's casual (Rarest Only) club shot

-Wei Koh's visit to F.P. Journe's new restaurant and his compliments to the "chef"

-Ben Clymer's latest: the Le Mans

-George Bamford and Andrew McCutchen's snap serving The Gentlemen realness

-The Millenial Decorator's Baignoire BFF "bracelets"

-Dimepiece at JLC's "Reverso Stories" exhibition

-Mr. A proving men can and should do casual diamonds with this élégante

-Mark Cho's selfie at (GPHG) Jury Duty


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