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The Grail Matrix 1x29

Daily Grail's guide to what's currently major, dull, profound, and trivial.

A breakdown of this week's Grail Matrix:


  1. The launch of The 1916 Company

  2. Zenith's Aaron Rodgers Chronomaster

  3. TAG Heuer's 60th Anniversary Carrera Chronograph

  4. If September is Fashion Month, November is Watch Month


  1. Messi winning the Ballon d'Or in a Louis Vuitton Tambour

  2. Accutron's chic birthday collaboration with Le Kool

  3. What's harder getting an allocation or a table at Journe's new restaurant

  4. North West's iconic Halloween costume

Trivial (and Dull):

  1. North West's iconic Halloween costume

  2. Season 6 of The Crown premiering this month

  3. SKIMS partnering with the NBA

  4. Is it time to break out the shearling Open Walks?

Dull (and Profound):

  1. Malaika Crawford's "How To Wear It" feat. Chopard's Alpine Eagle

  2. Debating how many watches to bring to Dubai Watch Week

  3. Wondering why anyone would run the NY Marathon

  4. The price of Phoebe Philo's inaugural collection


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