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The Grail Matrix 2x07, Watches and Wonders Edition

Daily Grail's guide to what's currently major, dull, profound, and trivial.

A breakdown of this week's Grail Matrix:


  1. The denim vibes of Patek's new novelties

  2. The Reflection de Cartier cuff being an instant content queen

  3. Bilal Khan's untouchable photography skills

  4. IWC icon Gisele Bündchen making an apperance


  1. The new white gold Rolex Daytona going full diva

  2. Parmigiani Fleurier never failing to impress with its subtle elegance

  3. Piaget's never-ending quest to be a skinny legend

  4. Kevin O'Leary's Haute Living interview with Adrienne Faurote

Trivial (and Dull):

  1. The FOMO from Mike Nouveau's Cartier factory tour

  2. The gifted Hermès beach towels

  3. Seeing everyone you know on the flight to Geneva

  4. The Leopard Room never actually being a good idea

Dull (and Profound):

  1. Tudor's BB58 being the most low key gold dive watch ever created

  2. The undeniable lure of the food at des Bergues

  3. Being grateful Taylor waited for the end of WW before dropping TTPD

  4. Having to socially detox for at least a week post show


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