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The "IT" List with Archana Thani

Welcome to Daily Grail's "IT" List, a column where we ask those who know to share what's in the know. This edition features jewelry curator and consultant, Archana Thani.

A breakdown of Archana Thani's "IT List:

  1. Vintage Bulgari Tubogas Serpenti diamond ring

  2. Lauren Rubinski's Extra Small yellow and white gold necklace

  3. Sidney Garber Rolling Bracelet

  4. Panthére de Cartier double wrap

  5. Fernando Jorge Stream Lines Triple Hoops

  6. Brent Neale's Two-Tone Knot ring with Diamond Pears

  7. Cartier Baignoire Bangle

  8. Elsa Perretti's Small Bone Cuff

  9. Jessica McCormack's Signature Button Back necklace

  10. Dina Kamal's geometric diamond ring


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