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The Grail Matrix 2x02

Daily Grail's guide to what's currently major, dull, profound, and trivial.

A breakdown of this week's Grail Matrix:


  1. Louis Vuitton's Western F/W show by Pharrell

  2. Christie's offering some of Elton John's watches

  3. RDJ making watch spotting easy with his JLC Reverso

  4. Biver's Carillon Tourbillon with Bucherer


  1. Kid Cudi wearing a TAG Heuer Plasma in Flaunt

  2. Vacheron's new 33mm quartz Overseas

  3. Bottega Veneta's Valentine's Day Jodie

  4. The countdown to Watches and Wonders 2024

Trivial (and Dull):

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger getting stopped by German Customs for an Audemars Piguet

  2. The questionable comeback of Moon Boots

  3. The plans for New York's East River pool

  4. Ryan Gosling's reaction to winning a Critics Choice Award

Dull (and Profound):

  1. Jeremy Strong being so typically Kendall and not attending Award Season

  2. The "Mob Wife Winter" aesthetic

  3. Louis Vuitton's Sandwich bag

  4. The Caviar Company x Pringles collab


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