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The Grail Matrix 1x27

Daily Grail's guide to what's currently major, dull, profound and trivial.

A breakdown of this week's Grail Matrix:

Profound (and Major):

  1. Louis Vuitton's latest Tambours making their Paris Fashion Week debut

  2. Biver's La Danse du Temps piece unique with Joel Niño

  3. Edouard Meylan DJ'ing at Moserland

  4. AP's purple 38mm Code 11:59

Major (and Trivial):

  1. Sotheby's and Phillips offering rivaling 6062s in their HK sales

  2. Bamford London's chic Limited Edition Snoopy

  3. LOEWE x On's Cloudventure

  4. Kevin O'Leary double wristing at the Reform Alliance Casino Night

Trivial (and Dull):

  1. Wondering when you'll ever be civilized enough to wear the Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar

  2. Megan Thee Stallion kicking off Spooky Szn

  3. Moncler and Adidas making a puffy sneaker

  4. Making a TikTok response to a Hodinkee article

Dull (and Profound):

  1. The FOMO from Hong Kong's Timeless Watch Week

  2. Michael Jordan joining The Forbes 400

  3. Beginning to outfit plan for Dubai Watch Week

  4. Drake's Nike Nocta drops running apparel


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