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The Grail Matrix 1x24

Daily Grail's guide to what's currently major, dull, profound and trivial.

A breakdown of this week's Grail Matrix:

Profound (and Major):

  1. Coco Gauff winning her first Grand Slam at 19

  2. The Parchie Hodinkee-Time limited editions

  3. Emma Courrin in Miu Miu and a Cartier Baignoire

  4. The release of the M.A.D.1 GREEN

Major (and Trivial):

  1. The Rowing Blazers x Target collab

  2. Carlos Sainz chasing down thieves to get his Richard Mille RM 67-02 back

  3. Olivia Rodrigo being a "watch girlie" in Rolling Stone

  4. The Panthère PDA at the US Open

Trivial (and Dull):

  1. LA's AP House making LA appealing

  2. Pumpkin Spice Season replacing Spritz Season

  3. Getting back into Billions because Succession is over

Dull (and Profound):

  1. Chanel's "Lucky Chance Diner" in Brooklyn

  2. Tom Brady running toward retirement in a JPS Daytona

  3. François-Henry Pinault acquiring majority stake in CAA

  4. The Series 9 Apple Watch being "eco-friendly"


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