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The Daily Grail Questionnaire with Basquet's Ivanhova Kaufman

Part Proust, Part Vogue's 73 Questions, and Part Colbert Questionnaire, Basquet's co-founder Ivanhova Kaufman, answers the The Daily Grail Questionnaire.

What’s your favorite time of day?

The night! I love the solitude and peace of a night at home equally as much as I love the energy of a night out.

Last meal: where, what, and with who?

I am currently snacking on almond butter filled dates from Basquet but my last meal was at Mr. Chow uptown with my mom. This is the all-time, consistently best restaurant in New York in my opinion. Big statement, I know.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Everything feels like an extravagance these days (including my daily café-bought coffee) but I would say my small jewelry collection that I’ve been investing in for the past years.

Song on repeat?

Lately, it’s been Run this Town, Africa, and Greatest Love of All. I have many phases with music and tend to become obsessed with songs I hadn’t heard in a long time and listen to them over and over again for months until I move on. Bad Bunny is the only constant on my playlist.

What is your most treasured possession?

My family. They mean the world to me.

Best accessory?

Thick undone brows, a smile, Lá-Bas by Regime des Fleurs, and some kind of sparkle- be it earrings, rings, or a watch. I often leave the house in sweats and a bare face but jewelry is a must for me.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I studied Interior Design for one year and often think about coming back to this in some way or form- I’d love to pursue a hobby or side thing in the design space one day. I constantly miss my creative energy that I’ve kind of set aside for the past few years and whenever I find myself in an aesthetically & visually stimulating experience, I am immediately filled with joy and inspiration.

Best action movie?

Unbroken, Hotel Rwanda, and American Sniper.

Dream watch?

My ultimate dream watch is a rose gold Patek Gondolo with a pearl strap. More realistically speaking, a Patek Nautilus.

What is your motto?

In my dad’s words, sometimes you win by losing. You need to know when to persist and when to release.

Style icon?

Kelly Wearstler, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and everything Old Hollywood!

What do you want to be remembered for?

My work, passion, authenticity, and generosity. I think it’s so important to always give what you can to those who need it more.


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