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A Photo Diary: Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet

Just ninety minutes outside Geneva, a horological hamlet (or heaven) awaits, a place where all the top minds in watches gather to concept and create what would soon comes to find itself on our very wrists. Last week, DG visited the the idyllic town of Le Brassus to tour the Audemars Piguet atelier. A deep look inside the heart of what can only be described as what is one of the most celebrated and coveted watch brands, our time in Le Brassus was filled with whimsical mastery. From a coffee break with the brand's Heritage and Archives Director, Raphael Balestra to a deep dive in the house's history and even a look at what's next, AP's enthusiastic ethos was only further enforced in the most enchanted of ways.

Photographed by James Kong


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