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10 Watch Women Share Their Secret Obsessions

From the outrageously stunning to the wildly impractical, some of the top watch-savvy women reveal their secret obsession.

Scarlett Baker, Enthusiast & Editor

"The Richard Mille RM BonBon every single day, specifically the RM 07-03 Automatic Marshmallow. If walking into a watch store wasn't already akin to the feeling of walking into a candy shop, the Richard Mille Bon Bon collection makes it all the more real. I used to eat the Marshmallow twists as a child so this watch, although eccentrically ridiculous, feels like the perfect hybrid between the nostalgia of my childhood and passions of my adulthood. Plus it's just really bloody cool!!"

"I recently got a sponsored ad for these colorful Swarovski watches. I don’t really even know what a Swarovski crystal is, but I want one in every color."

Yuki Zhao, Collector

"I saw it when I was traveling in Toyko and it's the Hyper Macau Dice Casino watch by a Japanese designer, Frank Miura. We call him the Asian Franck Muller. It's ridiculous because I am not into brands copying others and everyone should have their own thing, but I can't resist it. I have this talent for correctly guessing "big or small" in this Chinese gambling game, so I think this one is fun! We also play a lot of dice game during the KTV or clubbing, so there are a lot of memories associated with and around dice, its a tradition."

Frances Clift, Head of Public Relations at Bulgari

"The Van Cleef and Arpels Lady Arpels Ballerine Musicale. Why pay $100 to go see Swan Lake at Lincoln Center when you can pay nearly half a million to watch ballerinas perform and sparkle on your wrist whenever you so desire?

Isabella Proia, Vice President, Head of Sale and International Specialist at Phillips Watches

"Two come to mind: One is that Nautilus with the dragon dial in full pave and the other is any Grand Sonnerie by Gerlad Genta, particularly the gem set bracelet ones. It's unbridled creativity, maximalist maximalism and an unfettered celebration of horology. For the Genta, the watch is insane and the mechanism is insane."

Maia Torres, Collector

"The Cartier Crash, but with a diamond bracelet. It looks so wrong but feels so right. I love the Crash, and an iced out one will definitely make heads turn!"

"I don’t golf and I don’t gravitate towards big and bold watches, but I still can’t get over Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Golf. Does anyone need to track their golf shots on a $31,500 watch on their wrist? Absolutely not. Should they? Absolutely. It also has such cute design details, including pushers shaped like putters and a golf tee, which I love."

Sneh Diwan, Collector

"Absolutely the F. P. Journe Chronometre Bleu, as it is ridiculously hard to get and outrageously stylish... but I love it!"

Christina Bohn, Cataloguer at Sotheby's Watches

"Any of the Horological Machines made by MB&F as it would just be ridiculous on my wrist but I do really like them and respect the creativity within each design, or the Richard Mille BonBon watches. I love the BonBon because of the pastel dials, most dials are black, silver, or blue so this is just super fun. I also have a huge sweet tooth."

Kirklyn Eaton, Sales Manager at Watches of Switzerland

"I have this weird obsession with Frank Muller, especially a Crazy Color Dreams. I think it’s a watch people wear because they authentically enjoy it and I love that it’s a rainbow moment without sapphires. People tend to hate on FM, but it is my obsession."


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